FBP30121 Certificate III in Food Processing

The FBP30121 Certificate III in Food Processing course, is a nationally recognised qualification, designed for those who require knowledge and skills to work in an Australian food processing and manufacturing environment. It is particularly relevant to those who who oversee food processing processing plant and equipment. This can include food manufacturing for sectors such as baking, confectionary, dairy, fruit and vegetables, and grocery products.

Course delivery

The course is delivered face-to-face, through a blend of training in a classroom environment and practical training provided in a workplace (or simulated workplace) setting. All training and assessment is facilitated by a qualified and experienced trainer and assessor.

The course is delivered over 18 months. This includes 1 x day per week classroom-based training and up to 20 hours per week of self-paced (non-classroom) learning. Self-paced learning includes reading and revising course materials, trainer-guided research, and practice, preparation and participation in all prescribed assessment activities.

There are a total of 17 units in this course - listed below under 'Completion'.

Enrolled students with prior industry knowledge and experience can apply for RPL, which may reduce the amount of learning required and therefore a shorter course duration. For more information, speak to our Course Consultant.

Course Entry Requirements

We strive to ensure that our students enrol into the course that best meets their needs, and that they have the best chance of a successful outcome. The entry requirements indicated here are intended to inform you of the minimum expectations required of you, as part of completing this course.

This course is currently not recommended for Jobseekers, as students will need access to a suitable food production workplace, that will provide an opportunity to learn and be assessed on the various practical elements of this course.

If you're in doubt, we encourage you to reach out to one of our Course Consultants, who can assist in determining your individual needs and give you the best advice.

As a guide, people completing this course:

have completed Year 10 or equivalent

a qualification at a Certificate II level or higher

have relevant workplace/industry experience

You will also need to be at least 15 years of age, at the time of commencement.

It is also expected that you will have a PC, laptop of other internet connected device, Microsoft Word (or compatible software) and a functional webcam f or mobile device with a camera, for recording audio/video.


Successful completion of a range of mandatory assessments is required, in order to be issued your certification documentation.

Assessments for these courses will include a combination of:

  • Knowledge/theory-based written short-answer questions
  • Role plays
  • Case-studies / scenarios
  • Projects
  • Group and solo practical activities 


Successful graduates will receive a nationally recognised FBP30121 Certificate III in Food Processing, for the following units.

MSMSUP390 Use structured problem solving tools
MSS402080 Undertake root cause analysis
MSS403085 Ensure process improvements are sustained
FBPFSY3002 Participate in a HACCP team
FBPOPR2069 Use numerical applications in the workplace
FBPOPR3004 Set up a production or packaging line for operation
FBPWHS3001 Contribute to work health and safety processes
FBPPPL3003 Participate in improvement processes
MSMSUP303 Identify equipment faults
FBPOPR2070 Apply quality systems and procedures
FBPFSY2002 Apply food safety procedures
FBPFSY3003 Monitor the implementation of food safety and quality programs
FBPFSY3004 Participate in traceability activities
FBPFSY3005 Control contaminants and allergens in food processing
FBPOPR3019 Operate and monitor interrelated processes in a production or packaging system
FBPOPR3021 Apply good manufacturing practice requirements in food processing
FBPPPL3004 Lead work teams and group

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