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Applied Training Solutions (ATS) is a dynamic Registered Training Organisation (RTO) specialising in the design and delivery of a variety of courses via customised and nationally recognised training programs.

Founded by John Zappia, who is still active in the industry today, ATS has been offering training for over 20 years. Their continuous presence in the industry provides a training foundation that equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed  in your career.

ATS is about far more than just bums on seats. We are about real-world results. Results for you, your team and your business. You too can benefit from our great record of customer satisfaction as a direct result of our dedicated student support team to keep you motivated and engaged throughout your studies.

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Multiple Delivery Methods

In this modern and fast-paced world, the staff at ATS believe we need to be fluid and dynamic in our course delivery methods. We also find that different people absorb information more efficiently in different ways.  For this reason, we are able to provide training in Face to Face Classrooms, Virtual Online Classrooms, and self-paced online learning

Benefits of training with an RTO

Training in Australia can be provided by many different training providers from private agencies, accredited education bodies, and registered training organisations (RTO).

An RTO is able to deliver nationally recognised training for qualifications from Certificate 1 through to Certificate 4 and Diplomas. There are RTOs that specialise in workplace training, job seeker training, and/or in specific areas of training such as transport & logistics, retail, sales, management, or manufacturing.

As an RTO, Applied Training Solutions can offer several courses heavily “subsidised by the Government” (conditions apply) often making training less of a burden on your wallet.


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