Fees, Charges, and Refunds Policy

This policy provides all prospective and current students with information regarding ATS policy around fees, charges and refunds associated with courses delivered by Applied Training Solutions. 

The policy covers all courses provided by Applied Training Solutions (ATS) and is applied consistently to all fee-paying and government-subsidised students of ATS.

Upon entering into an enrolment agreement with ATS, the student acknowledges and agrees to the details described in this policy.


Current as at September 2023

ATS may charge extra fees for specific administrative services that only apply to certain students under particular circumstances. This schedule outlines those potential additional fees.

These fees are subject to change. Always check the ATS website for the current information.

Type of Fee
When this fee applies
Assessment resubmission

This fee is applied to the third (and each subsequent) submission of any assessment where a student has received a result of ‘Not Yet Satisfactory’.

Course extension

This fee applies to any application for course extension.

Course deferment

This fee applies to any application for course deferment.

Course transfer

This fee applies to any application for Course Transfer.

Course cancellation

This fee applies to all cancellation of enrolment requests.

Credit transfer application

This fee is applied to each application to transfer credits from units completed at another Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to an ATS course. The fee is per application, not per transferred unit of competency.

Certificate re-issue

This fee applies to any request for a duplicate Certificate or Statement of Attainment that was previously issued, including requests for a hard copy when originally provided electronically.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application fee

This fee is for each application to obtain Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for a specific unit of competency. The fee is charged per unit applied for and must be paid in advance. It is non-refundable. For each unit successfully awarded through RPL, a $250 deduction will be made to the overall course fee.

Reissue of printed learning or assessment materials

This fee covers the actual cost per unit when a student asks ATS to reissue any learning or assessment materials.

Workplace Assessment Observation Cancellation Fee

Where a student cancels a scheduled workplace assessment observation less than 14 days before the appointment.

Student reocrd/documentation request

Any requests from a third party (other than Government agencies) for student records.

NOTE: All requests must be accompanied by Third Party Authority from the student.

$150 +GST
Collection costs

If a student fails to pay course fees and the debt is sent to an external collection agency, the student may also be responsible for any collection costs charged by that agency.


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