TLI31222 Certificate III in Driving Operations

Course Summary

The TLI31222 Certificate III in Driving Operations, a nationally recognised qualification is designed for those aiming to steer their career in the fast-paced world of commercial driving. This comprehensive course offers a blend of practical skills and theoretical knowledge, tailored to equip you with everything you need to excel in driving operations. Whether you're aspiring to become a heavy vehicle driver, courier, or a specialist in dangerous goods transport, this course provides the foundational skills and safety training to navigate the roads with confidence and professionalism.

The TLI31222 Certificate III in Driving Operations is more than just professional development for commercial drivers; it provides well rounded nationally recognised knowledge and skills essential to the transport industry. Through this program, you'll learn not only about effective commercial vehicle operation but also about crucial aspects such as load handling, route planning, and customer service. The course is designed to ensure compliance with the latest industry regulations and standards, making you a valuable asset to potential employers. With a focus on real-world scenarios and hands-on training, you'll emerge from this course as a reliable and skilled professional in driving operations, ready to take on the challenges and opportunities of this exciting career path.

Nationally Recognised Training

Job roles

Job roles and titles for driver/operators can vary across different sectors. Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include:

  • bus driver
  • coach driver
  • concrete agitator driver
  • line haul driver
  • pickup and delivery driver
  • pilot vehicle driver
  • tip truck driver
  • waste vehicle driver

Successful achievement of the licensing units within the qualification must align with licensing and regulatory requirements applicable to driving and state or territory regulatory requirements.


Course details

The TLI31222 Certificate III in Driving Operations is a dynamic and engaging course, meticulously designed to blend classroom learning, online modules, and hands-on training in real-world driving scenarios. This multifaceted approach ensures that students receive a comprehensive education, combining essential theoretical knowledge with practical driving experience. Our expert trainers and assessors, who possess extensive experience in various driving operations, offer invaluable insights and guidance, enhancing the learning experience with their real-world expertise.

Flexible and Comprehensive Learning Pathway
This course can be tailored to fit your schedule and experience level, with a completion time of up to 15 months*. It is structured to include one day per week of instructor-led training, supplemented by up to 20 hours of self-directed learning. This flexible format enables students to deepen their understanding of driving operations through a mix of activities such as interactive readings, guided research, and practical driving exercises. Additionally, the course provides ample opportunities for students to engage in assessments and hands-on training, ensuring a well-rounded grasp of all aspects of professional driving.

*'Fast-track Mode' may be available for those with prior industry experience, allowing for completion in a significantly shorter duration. For more details, please contact us during business hours.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum and Diverse Career Opportunities
The TLI31222 Certificate III in Driving Operations includes a comprehensive curriculum with 15 detailed units, each designed to provide an in-depth understanding of professional driving. These units cover critical topics such as vehicle maintenance, route planning, safety protocols, and customer service, equipping students with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the demanding world of driving operations. Graduates of this course can pursue various roles, including bus driver, coach driver, concrete agitator driver, line haul driver, pickup and delivery driver, pilot vehicle driver, tip truck driver, and waste vehicle driver. It's important to note that successful completion of the licensing units within the qualification must align with licensing and regulatory requirements applicable to driving, as well as state or territory regulatory requirements.

The 15 units included in this course are:

TLIB0002 Carry out vehicle inspection
TLIC1051 Operate commercial vehicle
TLID0020 Shift materials safely using manual handling methods
TLIF0025 Follow work health and safety procedures
TLIF2010 Apply fatigue management strategies
TLIC0031 Apply low risk car driving behaviours
TLIE3004 Prepare workplace documents
TLIE0002 Process workplace documentation
TLIG2007 Work in a socially diverse environment
TLIJ0003 Apply quality systems 
TLIH0005 Interpret road maps and navigate pre-determined routes
TLIL2060 Complete induction to the transport industry
TLIE1003 Participate in basic workplace communication
TLIF0009 Ensure the safety of transport activities (Chain of Responsibility)
TLID0015 Load and unload goods/cargo

The TLI30222 Certificate III in Driving Operations course is not just a training program; it's a solid route to a long career and thriving career in driving operations, preparing you to meet the demands of this vital and dynamic industry with competence and confidence.

Apply to enrol NOW. With our comprehensive course content, expert guidance, and flexible payment options, your roadmap to a successful career in driving operations is just a step away!

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