Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

Chain of Responsibility

The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) law ensures everyone who works with heavy vehicles – from the business that employs a driver to the place where goods are delivered – is accountable for safety. Learn about your CoR obligations.

You are considered part of the road transport supply chain if you have any control or responsibility over any transport task, such as consigning, packing, loading, or receiving goods as part of your business.

The supply chain also extends to corporate entities, directors, partners and managers, who are all accountable for the actions of people under their control. 

All parties in the supply chain must take reasonable steps to prevent breaches of HVNL, including:

  • road transport mass, dimension, and loading
  • speed compliance
  • work hours laws

Applied Training Solutions offers nationally recognised training that provides the knowledge and skilled needed needed to meet the new legislation standards.

Successful completion of these courses will enable participantse to understand, apply, administer, develop and implement chain of responsibility policies & procedures for their organisation.

The two nationally recognised courses below are suitable for drivers, operational staff and management of Australian transport and logistics companies.

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TLIF0009 Ensure the safety of transport (Chain of Responsibility)

Suitable for drivers and operational staff, this course includes:
  • Applicable Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws and regulations
  • Shared responsibilitis and obligations within chain of responsibility
  • Breaches and penalties for failure to comply with CoR
  • Safe load restraint, appropriate load mass and dimension, and prevention of driver fatigue and speeding
  • How to recognise and manage risk in the transport industry
  • Taking action if and where a potential or actual breach of CoR is observed

Face-to-face courses can be delivered at our training facility in Smithfield NSW, or onsite at your workplace.

Duration: 4-6 hours, depending on the learner's experience.

Course fee:
  • Online - $299
  • Face-to-face at Smithfield NSW - $349 -  (minimum class size of 5 participants)
  • Face-to-face onsite at your workplace - Please call

TLIF0014 – Monitor the safety of transport activities

Suitable for supervisors or managers, this course includes:
  • Determining and monitoring CoR compliance and responsibilities in accordance with the HVNL
  • Administering and monitoring CoR workplace policies and procedures; and
  • Undertaking CoR due diligence activities
  • Implementing CoR risk control measures

Duration: 4-6 hours, depending on the learner's experience.

Course fee:
  • Online - $425
  • Face-to-face at Smithfield NSW - $649 -  (minimum class size of 5 participants)
  • Face-to-face onsite at your workplace - Please call.

Course Entry Requirements

We strive to ensure that our students enrol into the course that best meets their needs, and that they have the best chance of a successful outcome. The entry requirements indicated here are intended to inform you of the minimum expectations required of you, as part of completing this course.

If you're in doubt, we encourage you to reach out to one of our Course Consultants, who can assist in determining your individual needs and give you the best advice.

As a guide, people completing this course:

  • have completed Year 10 or equivalent


  • a qualification at a Certificate II level or higher


  • at least 2 years of relevant industry experience

You will also need to be at least 16 years at the time of commencement.

It is also expected that you will have access to a PC, laptop or other internet connected device, Microsoft Word (or compatible software) and a functional mobile device with camera or other device for recording audio/video.


Successful completion of a range of mandatory assessments is required, in order to be issued your certification documentation.

Assessments for these courses will include a combination of:

  • Knowledge/theory-based written short-answer questions
  • Role plays
  • Case-studies / scenarios
  • Projects
  • Group and solo practical activities 

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