TLI40321 Certificate IV in Supply Chain Operations

Course Summary

The TLI40321 Certificate IV in Supply Chain Operations is a nationally recognised qualification expertly designed for those seeking to elevate their career in the fast-paced and ever-evolving supply chain sector. It delves deeper into the complexities of supply chain management, offering a blend of strategic insights and practical skills. Whether you're aiming to step into a supervisory role or enhance your existing expertise in logistics, procurement, or inventory management, this course equips you with the comprehensive knowledge and cutting-edge skills needed to excel in these critical business areas.

Through this program, you will gain a deeper understanding of supply chain dynamics, including efficient resource management, effective supplier relations, and strategic logistics planning. The course content is tailored to reflect the latest industry trends and practices, ensuring you are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of modern supply chains. With a focus on real-world application, innovative problem-solving, and decision-making skills, graduates of this course are not just ready for the next step in their careers but are also poised to become influential contributors to the success and advancement of their organisations in the global market.

Nationally Recognised Training

Course details

The TLI40321 Certificate IV in Supply Chain Operations offers an enriching and interactive learning experience, uniquely blending in-class sessions, online modules, and hands-on training in real-world supply chain settings. This advanced course is structured to provide students with a holistic educational journey, melding theoretical principles with practical applications in supply chain management. Our expert trainers and assessors, boasting significant experience in diverse aspects of supply chain operations, deliver invaluable insights and mentorship throughout the program.

Dynamic and Tailored Learning Pathway
Tailored to accommodate varying levels of prior industry experience, the course can be completed in up to 18 months*. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to balance one day per week of instructor-led training with up to 25 hours of self-directed learning each week. This flexible approach enables students to immerse themselves in the nuances of supply chain management through activities such as in-depth reading, guided research, and practical, hands-on exercises. The structure also allows for comprehensive preparation and participation in assessments, ensuring a deep and thorough understanding of all course material.

*'Fast-Track Mode' may be available for those with extensive industry experience or prior qualifications, potentially allowing for completion in a shorter timeframe. Please contact us for more information.

Expansive and Industry-Driven Curriculum
The curriculum consists of a series of meticulously designed units, each contributing to a detailed and expansive understanding of modern supply chain practices. Covering 16 in-depth units, the course encompasses critical topics like advanced logistics planning, supply chain strategy development, inventory management techniques, and effective supplier relationship management. This robust curriculum is specifically crafted to arm students with the advanced skills and comprehensive knowledge necessary to thrive and lead in the rapidly evolving landscape of global supply chain and logistics operations.

This course includes the following units:

TLIF0014 Monitor the safety of transport activities (Chain of Responsibility)
TLIP0010 Monitor a supply chain operation
TLIF0006 Administer a fatigue risk management system
TLIA0025 Assess and monitor optimum stock levels
BSBWHS411 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs
TLIG0002 Lead a work team 
BSBPUR301 Purchase goods and services
TLIR4008 Implement and supervise stocktaking procedures
TLIK2010 Use infotechnology devices in the workplace
TLIP0006 Develop plans to meet customer and organisation needs
TLIU3011 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
TLIF0025 Follow work health and safety procedures
TLIF0009 Ensure the safety of transport activities (Chain of Responsibility)
TLID0020 Shift materials safely using manual handling methods
BSBPEF402 Develop personal work priorities
TLIE0003 Consolidate manifest documentation

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